Autoparts Company

TRI-STONE is an European car-part expert. We uphold the concept of “Customer First”. And, we continuously pursue new products and keep reasonable prices to serve customers.

Currently, we have been able to provide thousands of products for customers to choose, and continue to work hard for the development of new products.

TRI-STONE has a very powerful system of integration, so we are very quick to offer various car parts that customers need in no time. Moreover, we also have many coordinate factories for the development of the car-part creation. As long as the customers propose their need, we will be able to quote the prices and do the production efficiently and effectively.

Each car part TRI-STONE sells has high qualities and perfect assurance. For each part, we have complete after-sales service, including technical instructions.

If you need any service, please send an email to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.